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What Is Dating Like As An Escort?

Escorts do go through things that we do not exactly even consider to be normal in our lives. The life of an escort can be considered troublesome and sometimes problematic. There is a lot of information about escorts available on the internet. We need to treat them with respect and a lot of admiration because they endure clients who are filthy and sometimes very disrespectful. Well, I interviewed an escort, and this is what they had to say about dating when you are an escort.

“When you are someone who dates other people for an hour at a time, and when you get paid almost $300-$400 for that hour, it is indeed hard dating a hippie who will not even buy you a meal or a drink. When you are going on a first date with someone when you are an escort, it is either awkward, or it is a little uncomfortable. They either know that I am an escort or they don’t.

It is worse when they do because they tend to completely avoid asking questions about my profession and even when they do, they make it really awkward. It is, indeed, really excruciating. There are so many moments of silence when you are trying to find something to actually bond over, something that will end up breaking the ice, something that you two can talk about for some time. All of the questions that you have to ask the other person will be altered if one person is an escort. They will completely stray off the topic of sex and never talk about it.

I have always said that I want someone who is okay with what I do and always sees me for the person that I am and I wish they not see me as a sex object or a sex worker because I am so much more than that. I agree that it is not a conventional profession, but I will want to date someone who is chill with me and behaves normally about the whole thing. You can’t exactly date like a normal person unless you find that one person, who is perfect for you, that person who will go through anything with you.

I am indeed very nice to my clients, and I pride myself on being a very nice person, but yet, some people who I go on dates with have been known to judge me just because they know that I am an escort.

Very unfortunately, we still live in a society where the whole concept of escorting and paying for sex is still stigmatized and disclosing to someone that you are an escort feels like walking on a tight-rope. You never know the responses that you get, I have received both kinds indeed.”